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Began with gathering,purchasing and selling of berries,mushrooms and forest fruits in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Exported for the first time to a foreign market-Italy.


Registered as FRUTTI-FUNGHI d.o.o. Export-Import.Since then company acts indiviually in domestic and foreign markets,without intermediaries.The business was expanded to include purchasing and processing of berries(raspberry,blackberry,blueberry and strawberry) from both natural resources and plantations,and wild mushrooms.


Continued export to Austria,Germany,France and Slovenia,thanks to constant investments in modernization of the company,and increased number of employees as well as the advancement of their education.


Implemented  a plantation project with American high bush blueberry on an area of 35 000m2


Reached a purchasing and processing potential of around 500 tons of different kinds of mushrooms and around  600-1000 tons of berries.

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